Street Photo of the week by Gareth Bragdon

Street Photo of the week by Gareth Bragdon

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Street Photo of the week by Gareth Bragdon

Gareth Bragdon is a Street Photographer that shoots on the streets of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. He loves using the flash. Most of his photos are Candid Street Portraits of people being flashed in their faces! He has a keen eye for the weird and the different and that is what makes his photos great to look at. Expressions frozen in time, gaping mouths, wide open eyes, stunned looks and all sorts of awesome details are what one can find in one of Gareth’s daring photos! Gareth Bragdon is also part of the “Grey Skies” group of Street Photographers.

You can see more of Gareth Bragdon’s photographic work on his Flickr Profile at and on his “Grey Skies” profile at


"Untitled" by Gareth Bragdon
“Untitled” by Gareth Bragdon. This image has been used with the consent of the original artist.

This photo made me smile when I first saw it. Even though there are two faces in the image, the little lady in the centre is the main character. This photo could have easily have been “just another Flash Street Photo” but the upside down umbrella turns this photo into a great one and that is also the reason why it made me smile when I first encountered it. Gareth’s “heat seeking missile” fast action as he calls it, has taken over, seeing this opportunity and taking the photo, or as missile talk goes, “firing and forgetting”! Snap!

Thank you Gareth Bragdon!

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