Street Photo of the week by Hector Isaac

Street Photo of the week by Hector Isaac

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Street Photo of the week by Hector Isaac

Hector Isaac is originally from Cuba and he moved to the USA in 2004, specifically Miami where he discovered photography and especially Street Photography. Hector Isaac has been featured many times in blogs and website and also has won the 2012 Miami Street Photography Festival Award juried by Alex Webb of Magnum, Rebecca Norris Webb, Maggie Steber of National Geographic and Juan Jose Reyes of MSPF. He is part of the Strata Collective. His work is mostly colour. Not subtle colour but rich, dazzling colour that really makes the viewer want to look at his photos and enjoy devouring those lovely colour palettes with his/her eyes.

You can see more of Hector Isaac’s photographic work on his Flickr Profile at


"Untitled" by Hector Isaac
“Untitled” by Hector Isaac. This image has been used with the consent of the original artist.

This photograph is a strong example of the use of vibrant, rich colours that Hector Isaac likes to use in his Street Photography. This is a pretty straight forward image. There is a man standing in a red speedo and shoes, holding something that looks like a radio, wearing gold gauntlets. The man is standing in front of a bright orange wall and at the time Hector Isaac is taking this picture someone is passing by, looking at the man as can be discerned by the shadow in the bottom right corner. This photograph is simply captivating! There is no possible way that anyone that comes across this image will not stop and stare at it, trying to understand what it is they are looking at. The orange colour, draws the attention of the viewer like a magnet and after a split second the man is seen. And then the questions start to build up. Questions like “what is he wearing?”, “what is he doing?” and “who is this man?!” Great photo!

Thank you Hector Isaac!

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