Street Photo of the week by Helen Levitt

Street Photo of the week by Helen Levitt

Street Photo of the week

Street Photo of the week by Helen Levitt

Helen Levitt is our choice for this weeks Master of Street Photography. Documenting life post the ‘Great Depression’, Helen Levitt’s work presents the ordinary. No special event, no decisive moment, just kids playing, people passing, wives gossiping , virtually nothing other than the stuff of day to day life. By doing this and being consistent in her vision Helen Levitt is able to extract this mundane from it’s drudgery and elevate it into something which resonates even today. Far from being nostalgic her work appears to capture recurring moments in everybody’s lives making it shine.

Girl/Green Car

"Girl/Green Car" by Helen Levitt

Have you searched beneath a car for that dropped ball or even worse a treasured coin, and rather than lying down and looking from an useful angle , have you bent into a weird crab like position just to see if you can find the missing piece? The girl  in the photo is contorted almost beyond recognition against the thud of the green of the car injecting itself through the image, the street is slightly worn and torn, the car immaculate. There is so little in the image shapes, colour and a story but it is all thats needed to evoke that sense of timeless poetry which runs throughout all of Helen Levitt’s images.

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