Street Photo of the week by Craig Anderson

Street Photo of the week by Craig Anderson

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Street Photo of the week by Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson is a Reader and an active member of our GooglePlus Community. He posts photos sparingly but the photos he shares always have something to “say”. Craig describes himself as a simple guy who loves taking photographs and lives and works in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, born and raised. Photography is his passion and he believes that it will undoubtedly drive him insane someday. As he mentions on his GooglePlus profile, “I shoot people and I think I can stop time”. Well Craig, you do that quite well and for that reason we have chosen one of your photos as Street Photo of the Week!

You can see more of Craig Anderson’s photographic work on his GooglePlus Profile at or his website.


"Untitled" by Craig Anderson
“Untitled” by Craig Anderson. This image has been used with the consent of the original artist.

For those of you that aren’t members of our Google Plus Community, let me tell you a little story. On the 26th of February 2014, Craig posted this photo there. Instead of writing something new, I will copy / paste my initial reaction from that thread.

There are no words to describe this amazing portrait! Leading lines, low perspective, diagonals, focal point, dof, isolation of subject within a crowd… I could go on and on! Well done Craig Anderson! Thanks for sharing with the Readers Community!

So, after that there is nothing much to add really, except that the look on the boy’s face is captivating, draws me into to him and makes me feel like my eyes are zooming in. I really enjoy the way a photograph like this makes me feel.

Thank you Craig Anderson!

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