Street Photo of the week by Lukas Vasilikos

Street Photo of the week by Lukas Vasilikos

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Street Photo of the week by Lukas Vasilikos

Lukas Vasilikos is a world recognised contemporary Street Photographer from Greece. He lives in the greater Athens area and works almost anywhere, depending on where the road takes him. The work of Lukas Vasilikos is inspiring and moving. It impacts the viewer in all sorts of different ways. He is a “polymorphic” photographer that manages to create using many different styles, but one thing is always common amongst all his photos. Emotion. Emotional photography is something very hard to achieve. To make viewers feel strongly about something, by reminding them of things from their life, by moving them, by provoking them is indeed a talent that is very hard to find.

You can see more of Lukas Vasiliko’s photographic work on his Flickr page at or his website. You can also visit his YouTube Channel to view slideshows of his images.

Poland 3

"Poland 3" by Lukas Vassilikos
“Poland 3” by Lukas Vassilikos. This image has been used with the consent of the original artist.

As most of us have heard and said at one point in our lives, 1 photo equals 1000 words. This photograph is called “Poland 3”. Every person has a different interpretation for a photo because it touches their own personal subliminal self, but here what we see is quite clear. Contradiction! A stark contradiction between happiness and sorrow, companionship and loneliness, health and sickness, the start of a new life and the continuation of an old one. But that is not only what can be seen. Personally I can see the path of a person’s life. The leading lines start from the fresh, the new, the happy and lead all the way up to the tired, the ill, the lonely and sad. It is the natural way of life for most. Indeed an emotional picture.

Thank you Lukas Vasilikos!

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