Street Photo of the week by Meljoe San Diego

Street Photo of the week by Meljoe San Diego

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Street Photo of the week by Meljoe San Diego

Meljoe San Diego is a Street Photographer that lives and photographs in Pangasinan in the amazing Philippines. What makes Meljoe San Diego’s work stand out and immediately recognisable is the style of his photography. High contrast, black and white photos of the busy streets of his home town, full of motion and energy. Besides shooting fast paced action Street Photography, Meljoe San Diego slows down on occasion to create masterful compositions of Street Photography  that blow one’s mind away. If you visit his portfolio you will find images that keep you glued to the screen, images that want to make you just stop and look. You can see more of Meljoe San Diego’s photographic work on his Flickr page at


"Sniper" by Meljoe San Diego
“Sniper” by Meljoe San Diego. This image has been used with the consent of the original artist.

A photograph that has an amazing affect on the viewer. It makes one think how Meljoe San Diego has managed to achieve this. Has he used the live view LCD screen of another camera? Has he used a reflective surface that reflects his image? No matter what, this is an amazing self portrait of how the Street Photographer sees himself when he hits the streets and gets into the zone and starts shooting photos! Meljoe San Diego sees himself as a Sniper, as a Street Hunter!

Thank you Meljoe San Diego!

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