Street Photo of the week by Mickaël Liblin

Street Photo of the week by Mickaël Liblin

La Defense 2011by Mickael Liblin

Street Photo of the week by Mickaël Liblin

Since we started this weekly Friday Feature we have been sharing with you selected photographs from Street Photographers from all around the world. Each Street Photographer has has a special style that works as a unique identifier. The list of these Street Photographers had be written by the Street Hunters team a long time ago, I think it was originally composed in October and we have been following it to the letter. The other day, Andrew, Casper and myself, thought that it would be awesome to spice this weekly feature up a bit and to start featuring some of the Readers photos in addition to Street Photographers on our list, as well as the photo of an old Master Photographer. So, that way we will get a nice mix of Friday Features that will have a famous contemporary Master Street Photographer one week, an amazing Reader the next week and an old Master Photographer the next. This way we think the Feature will be a little bit more interesting. Anyway, let us know what you think!

So, today we are presenting for the first time, one of are awesome Readers and active member of the GoogPlus Readers Private Community, Mickaël Liblin. Mickaël lives and works in Goderville, France. You can see more of Mickaël Liblin’s photographic work on his GooglePlus page at

La Défense 2011

La defense 2011 by Mickael Liblin

This photograph as the title implies, has been shot at La Défense. La Défense is a major business district near Paris, in France that looks like, well, what you see in this amazing photograph. Mickaël Liblin has managed to create a photograph with multiple meanings. One interpretation of the photo could be that it is a person, overlooking all those people and buildings keeping an eye on everything moving below. Someone like an Overlord, an Overseer. The other interpretation of the photo could be of a person preparing to enter this world. Getting ready to make the step into the busy, modern society. Whatever the interpretation, it is an extraordinary image.

Thank you Mickaël Liblin!

About this weekly feature,

As you know, every Friday we feature a photograph of a Street Photographer on our website. The Street Photographer that is featured is selected by the Street Hunters team.

If you would like to have one of your shots featured on our website, then please contact us by visiting, or join us on our Flickr Group or subscribe to our GooglePlus Page.

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