Street Photo of the week by Sanja Buterin

Street Photo of the week by Sanja Buterin

Street Photo of the week by Sanja Buterin

Sanja Buterin is an amazing and gifted Street Photographer with a passion that can be noticed through her work. Her photography is a mixture of film and digital black and whites and covers a wide range of Street Photography styles. The versatility of her work is very enjoyable, because if offers different visual stimuli that can touch each person in a different way. She lives in Lovran, Croatia but travels as much as possible in order to capture more and more images! You can see more of Sanja Buterin’s photographic work on her Flickr page at or her GooglePlus profile page at

Taormina 2013

Taormina 2013 by Sanja Buterin

It was hard to choose one photo amongst Sanja’s work. We went through all her images and really couldn’t decide which one to go for, so at the end we decided to look at her latest photos and choose from there. The photo we are featuring today is called Taormina 2013 and has a strong geometric feel to it that is easily apparent. The squares on the floor and the amazing square sculpture, offer a very pleasing result that is enhanced even more by those powerful shadows on the ground. A wide depth of field offers the viewer a glimpse of the whole surrounding area and the wonderful summer sky.

Thank you Sanja Buterin!

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