Street Photo of the week by Buru Llwyd

Street Photo of the week by Buru Llwyd

Dear Street Hunters Readers,

Starting today, and every Friday from now on, we will feature a photograph of one Street Photographer on our website. The Street Photographer that will be featured is selected by the Street Hunters team. This mini feature will be called “Street Photo of the week”.

We already have made a long list full of talented Street Photographers that we will be featuring through this weekly post, but if you would like to have one of your shots featured on our website, then please contact us by visiting

Street Photo of the week – Buru Llwyd

We have decided to start this mini feature with one of Buru Llwyd’s photos. Buru works and lives in the UK and that is where he does most of his Street Photography. Buru’s work,always dark, gritty and grainy and in black and white, caught on camera or phone appears to document the ordinary in and about Sheffield. It resonates, we think, to the work of Daido Moriyama. Buru is exceptionally talented and for us, one to be watched. You can check out more of Buru’s work on his GooglePlus profile page at


Buru Llwyd "Untitled"

The photo of Buru we chose to feature today is untitled. As you can see it is the close up side portrait of a man walking in the streets of UK. We found the dynamic of this photo irresistible, the expression on the man’s face totally real and the wind in his hair just makes the picture come alive making the photograph feel as if it is moving. Click on the image to enlarge.

Good job Buru!


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