What’s NEW with Street Hunters!

What’s NEW with Street Hunters!


Hello dear readers,

Our little group of enthusiastic Street Photographers or “Street Hunters” as we like to call ourselves, has gone through different changes since we first begun a few months ago. We have had Associate Street Hunters join and then leave, we have had an Associate Street Hunter “promoted” to an Official Street Hunter and member of our group and after many jingles and jangles and shifts and shakes we are now 5 of us. 4 members and an Associate. Just so you know we are:

  1. Spyros Papaspyropoulos
  2. Rob Heron
  3. Andrew Sweigart
  4. Casper Macindoe and
  5. Kenneth Lee

The five of us have decided to make some changes to our content that we hope will increase the level of interactivity of our website. We aim to do this by adding some interesting new things to our repertoire. We want to make Street Hunters more engaging and fun for you, our readers, because we want to thank you for all the support you have shown us during these past months.

New on Streethunters.net

Here is a list of things we think you will like:

  1. We will all be posting “Photos of the Day” 6 days a week.
  2. We will be posting one Blog Post a week, every week, non stop.
  3. We will be asking you, our readers, for more feedback and ideas about blog posts and features.
  4. We will share with you one Street Hunt video a month that will be shared to you via our YouTube official channel. Street Hunts will be a video recording of a Street Hunter shooting in the streets.
  5. We will organise “Photo analysis / critiques” with photos you, our readers, would like to share with us.
  6. We will start having Video Hangouts with Street Photography discussions. You will get to meet us and see what a versatile group we are!
  7. We will ask you, our readers, to send us Guest Blog posts about Street Photography, which we will then post with reference to you and your website or profile.
  8. We will have shooting challenges when you, the readers, will assign us, Street Photography Challenges that we will have to deliver.
  9. We plan to post a “Photo of the week” of another artist that we admire. This might even include a photo of one of you! Most of us follow each other as personal profiles and we all respect and admire each other’s work anyway!

So, as you can see the 5 of us really love what we are doing! We are passionate about Street Hunting and we want to share our own personal experiences and any kind of knowledge we can with you and we want us all to have fun doing this!

So, if you want to share anything, comment or provide feedback to what we have planned for the future of Street Hunters, we would absolutely love to hear it! Anything, just shoot!

Thank you all for reading our blog and for supporting us!


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



  1. Dear Spyros Papaspyropoulos and colleagues.

    A lot of ideas are welcome worth reading here. Thus your blog will be surely a lot more exciting and attractive.

    However, some points give me thinking. Everything you’re planning involves a lot of effort. And for that you need time. On the pc and not on the street. Even if the "work" is divided by 5.

    Recently, I was able to experience that a member of a community for this very reason has reduced its participation to that of a regular member. In my view, a wise decision. When the work on the pc eats up the passion, makes it all no fun anymore.

    And that would be a shame, because you bring an excellent performance. As we say in Germany: "Sometimes less is more" or in other words quality before quantity.
    Nevertheless I’m quite sure, you’ll make the right decisions and am looking forward to see what happens.

    Anytime the perfect light,

    Klaus Scherer

    • Hello Klaus and thank you for your comment!

      Yes, you are right. Most of the new ideas do require lots of computer time, but we will not lose our main focus. Taking photographs is our number one goal and we aim to keep a constant stream of captures coming in at all times!

      Stay sharp & keep shooting!

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