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Hello fellow Street Photographers!

Many friends from various parts of the world have requested to join our team during the past month. Up until now wasn’t ready to grow. But, the time to speed things up has come and for that reason we are letting you all know that we would love to take a look at new Street Hunter candidates!

But what does a Street Hunter have to do?

The minimum requirements for each member of are:

  1. Each member has to post a Photo of the day on our Google+ page, our Facebook page, our Twitter account and our Flickr group. Each Street Hunter can choose to have one day off. We usually take Sundays off, but that is up to each Street Hunter.
  2. Each member has to write 1 blog post every other week (in English) in order to provide useful information to our viewers. The Street Hunters administrator posts it on our website but the blog post author is in charge of promoting his post, either as Street Hunters or as him/her self. We do have a list of blog posts waiting to be written but we would appreciate any new ideas also!
  3. Once we get our Video Hangouts in action, each member will have to participate in at least 2 of those each month. This is still under development, so until further notice you shouldn’t take this into consideration.
  4. The Street Hunters brand depends on your punctuality. We would appreciate it a lot if we received applications from Street Photographers that are willing to commit to the above requirements.

What does a Street Hunter earn for his/her work?

We do not offer any type of payment. We are all in this for the fun of it. We can offer just the following things:

  1. Your name will be shared along with your photographs and articles throughout the Social Media sharing channels we have established as a brand.
  2. You will become a person that promotes their ideas and receives valuable feedback for them. That way you will get better at what you love doing, which is Street Photography.
  3. You will meet many new interesting fellow Street Photographers.

How to apply?

Get in touch with us via our contact form or email us directly. We really look forward to receiving your applications!

P.S. If you are not connected with the founders of Street Hunters, on Google Plus and you would like to, please visit us at: +Spyros Papaspyropoulos, +Rob Heron and +Andrew Sweigart.

Thank you



Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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