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Dear Readers,

A new year has just started to unfold for us and we are really excited with all the new possibilities. We see our vision growing and our message spreading and we feel rewarded for all the hard work we have put into our beloved

One of our most active and exciting series is our Monthly Theme Contest series. This year our Monthly Theme Contest series will change slightly.

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Happy Holidays from

Dear Readers,

One more year has gone by and we are still at it! As 2017 approaches we look back and see what a long way we have come since 2013 when we founded our website. Back then our dream was to create a Street Photography resource and now, we realise this dream has come true!

We have Street Photography Book reviews, we have famous Street Photographer biographies, we have street photography tips, we have held events, we have videos, street photography contests, press releases and announcements, how-tos, featured photos, lists of top 10s, gear reviews, photo critiques, guides to shooting in various cities and more!

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Just for Passion by Letizia Battaglia

Exciting news coming in to Streethunters’ HQ. DRAGO, the great publishing house of contemporary art that brought us Boogie’s superb photobook, A Wah Do Dem, is getting set to deliver a volume from the legendary Italian photographer and photojournalist Letizia Battaglia! Her book “Just For Passion”, is slated for a February 2017 release.

Battaglia, known primarily for her work on the Mafia, has had a lengthy and amazing career, and, at age 81, she is showing no signs of slowing down. Born in Palermo in 1935, Battaglia took up photojournalism after her divorce in 1971 while raising three daughters. According to DRAGO,

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Paradise & Purgatory: SASSY ’70s Suburbia & The City

Meryl Meisler, the outstanding documenter of the 70’s and 80’s New York disco and punk scenes, is bent on ending the year with a bang with her Determined December! One of Time Magazine’s Unsung American Female Photographers of the Past Century, who was known for documenting the wild heat and abandon of those scenes, is turning up the heat herself!

On December 21, Meisler is presenting Let’s Talk SASSY!, an artist talk on and book signing for her work, Paradise & Purgatory: SASSY ’70s Suburbia & The City. Described as, “quirky, nostalgic and a bit naughty, it’s a genuine cultural capsule of a decade that captivates today’s generation”, SASSY is a time machine into the heady 70’s. The South Bronx, suburbia, The Mystery Club, dance lessons, Girl Scouts, the Rockettes, the circus, school, mitzvahs, proms, weddings, gay Fire Island, the Hamptons, feminists, happy hookers, CBGB, Punks, Disco, After Hours and Go-Go Bars, Jewish and LGBT Pride, street life, home theatrics, holidays, friendship, family and love… all were captured by Meisler and her medium format camera. As she danced the night away, she photographed it as well.


Dear Readers,

Last week I shared with my fellow editors, Andrew Sweigart and Digby Fullam a new idea that I had. This idea is something that in my opinion will make the YouTube channel a little bit more interesting and active. Both of them embraced the idea and since then I have been wanting to share it with all of you.

It is now one week later and believe it or not, I have only just found the time to properly sit down and write this announcement post for you all to read. I am currently at the Athens International Airport typing away on my laptop while waiting to board my flight back to Crete. I have been flying from location to location for work since early Tuesday morning, within Greece and further away. I have felt the bitter cold of the northern Balkans and flown in a propeller plane (something I am not used to doing), had food poisoning, met at least 20 new people and I did all these things wearing a suit 24/7. A crazy, uncomfortable 4 days!

Anyway, enough of my travels. Today is the announcement day, so let’s get on with it.

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Meryl Meisler's two exhibits in Bushwick
From the "Assorted Madness & The Unexpected" exhibition

Meryl Meisler, the acclaimed New York photographer who documented the heart and heat of the wild 1970’s and 80’s disco and punk scenes in the city is displaying her work again with two exhibits in Bushwick.

Running until October 30th, BUSHWICK CHRONICLE: Photography by Meryl Meisler, Writing by James Panero, will be at Stout Projects, 55 Meadow St. #310, Brooklyn, NY. The gallery hours are Saturdays and Sundays, 1pm – 5pm and by appointment. The exhibition  recognizes Bushwick as a historically significant artistic community now in need of documentation.

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Photograph © Francisco Diaz + Deb Young (2015 Portfolio Competition Selection)
Photograph © Francisco Diaz + Deb Young (2015 Portfolio Competition Selection)

The Soho Photo Gallery, founded in 1971 by a group of New York Times photographers who wanted to create a venue for photography as fine art, have announced their are currently holding the Soho Photo Gallery International Portfolio Competition 2017.

Being a portfolio competition, each contributing artist can submit 12-20 pieces of work for a cost of $65.00 USD. A portfolio contains 12-20 compositionally and technically strong images, with a consistent theme or topic. Any subject matter and photographic print medium are acceptable.

Members of Soho Photo Gallery’s Portfolio Review Committee will jury the competition. The committee has reviewed thousands of portfolios since the gallery’s beginning in 1971. In doing so, the gallery has exhibited prints by some of the finest contemporary photographers throughout the world.

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streethunters local guide cover

Recently Gaël Berthon, a street photographer who’s had his work featured in our Street Photo of the Week series, contacted us with an awesome suggestion. Why don’t we create a list of street photographer local guides and fixers who can help out travelling street photographers who are visiting their cities? We thought it was a great idea, and when we asked you what you thought about it on our Facebook Group, you all agreed too. So, now we’re launching the Streethunters Local Guide programme, and we need your help!

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Hit The Streets with Valerie Jardin podcast

We here at Streethunters HQ are always excited to see our friends unveil new projects, so we were particularly happy to hear our friend and fan, Valerie Jardin was up to something fresh!

Valerie Jardin has released her first two podcasts in a new series called Hit The Streets with Valerie Jardin! You may know her work from her previous series, Street Focus. That podcast ran for two years with a whopping 104 episodes. Three of those episodes featured our very own Spyros Papaspyropoulos!