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Spyros Papaspyropoulos is passionate about Photography, especially Street Photography. Because of that passion he considers himself a Street Photographer. If you would like to see his work you can also visit his Street Hunters Profile. He is co-founder of Street Hunters.

Inside Never Edit's Camera Bag

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Inside Never Edit’s Camera bag! (Bag No121)

Hello fellow Streethunters,

Ever since I can remember, I loved watching people: their uniqueness, their multiple expressions, emotions and behaviour. Often I had the urge to take a photo of somebody but back then I neither had the guts nor the gear to do it. In 2013, I came across the term “street photography”, thought YES!!! and have been taking photos ever since. I chose “Never Edit” for my web profiles because I never did any post-processing – lately this has changed though and I do a little bit every now and then. I live in Germany but many of my photos are taken on trips to warmer and sunnier places. I shoot whatever interests me, I love color, and using flash, but often find it difficult to get up the nerve to do so.

My Bag contains:

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Fujifilm X-Pro2


About three weeks ago our friends from Fujifilm Hellas sent us the Fujifilm X-Pro2 so we could try it out. Put it through it’s paces. Give it a whirl. You know the drill. So, what did I think of the Fujifilm X-Pro2 for Street Photography? Read on and you will soon find out!

But before we jump into the good stuff, I would like to remind you of our previous camera reviews that you might find interesting. We have written reviews on the Fujifilm X-Pro1, the Ricoh GR, the Fujifilm X-T10, the Fujifilm X-T1, the Fujifilm X70 and the Canon EOS 6D. All cameras we review here on are reviewed in a particular way and under specific circumstances. They are reviewed as street photography cameras specifically. As mentioned in previous posts, we do not give a rat’s bum about pixel peeping, lens distortions, chromatic aberrations or anything like that. What matters as far as we are concerned is how the camera handles in the streets!

Now that this intro is over, let us look into the Fujifilm X-Pro2 for Street Photography!

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Roy Rozanski slideshow presentation


Roy Rozanski is the winner of the January 2017 Monthly Theme Contest. If you haven’t stumbled upon Roy before, he is a street photographer from Israel who shoots mostly in Tel Aviv. The theme of the month when Roy won was “Zebra crossings” and his image was selected from a pool of 55 zebra crossing themed street photographs!

Since January we have introduced new prizes for the winners of these monthly theme contests. All prizes aim to give the winners massive exposure on our website and our social profiles. But what are those prizes?

Featured street photo by Dmitry Stepanenko

Featured Street Photo by Dmitry Stepanenko

Dmitry Stepanenko is a Ukrainian Street Photographer from the city of Odessa. In 2010 he moved to the UK and found himself interested in street photography. Since then he has been shooting non stop. Now, 7 years later, Dmitry has proven to be an industrious person besides a talented street shooter. He is founder of the street photography collective called Momentum which he started in 2011 and is also a founding member of The Street Collective which began in 2013. He has exhibited his work in Russia, Europe and the USA and has participated in many street photography contests as both a photographer and as a judge. Dmitry also teaches workshops together with other members of The Street Collective, mostly in London, UK.

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March 2017 street photography contest - Flash Street Photography

Hello Readers!

As mentioned in previous post “Revealing the Monthly Theme Contest New Rules & Prizes for 2017“, this year we have made some changes to the Monthly Theme Contests. The new rules are also included in this post and will be included in each contest post from now on. For your convenience, here are the changes:

What’s changed and what hasn’t in a nutshell

  1. The calendar at the end of the year is being canceled.
  2. The way we select photos remains the same.
  3. The monthly themes are much harder. You will need to work hard.
  4. The prizes the winners receive have changed. Read more below.

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Winner of the Street Photography Contest for February 2017


Dear Readers,

February 2017 is over. It is time to announce the winner of the February 2017 Street Photography Contest!

The theme of the contest was “Surrealism” and we had asked you all to send in photos of Surrealistic street photographs. You responded by sending in many great photographs! Thank you all for submitting your lovely work!

As per the rules of the contest, the 3 editors of the website Andrew Sweigart, Digby Fullam and myself, chose one photo each. The next step was to select the very best one of the three and present it here to you.

So, the lucky winner of the February 2017 Street Photoghraphy Contest is Kristof Vande Velde and this is his photograph.

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February 2017 Street Photography Contest nominees

Dear Readers,

The second Monthly Theme Contest photos for 2017 have been submitted and we took a good look at them all and made our selections. Please keep in mind that the process of choosing a photo from the February 2017 Street Photography Contest Submissions was not an easy task!

But let’s take a look at all the photos that were submitted and accepted in this Monthly Theme Contest.

ATTENTION: Photos that didn’t meet the Theme criteria have been disqualified by the editors. Please make sure to read the requirements carefully before submitting an image.

At this moment I would like to thank each and every participant for submitting their photograph. We have a great collection of photos with “Surrealism” to show you! This time we had a whopping 59 valid submissions which can all be seen below.

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Street Talk Episode 06 -


Most of the times I teach a workshop or I go on a photowalk I get asked the “zone focus” question. What is funny is that although zone focusing is a very old manual focusing technique that was used by most if not all photographers before the days of autofocus technology, it seems like it has gradually been “forgotten” by younger shooters. Is zone focusing a dying focusing technique? Far from it!

Personally I use zone focusing 99% of the time and I also tap into the sweet hyperfocal distance magic spot where everything is in focus. I find it so easy and so fast, much faster than any af system. Anyway, if you want to find out more about zone focusing and hyperfocal, click play on the video below and check it out. If you are person that prefers reading to watching and you also like understanding lots of technical details, you can always visit our very popular Learn Zone Focusing and Hyperfocal Distance in Street Photography blog post. Everything you need to know about the technique is there in detail.

Flash Street Photography Workshops in Athens


Dear Readers,

As I have mentioned in the previous workshops post I wrote a few months ago, I really enjoy shooting with flash because I like the surreal results that come from this type of street photography. Flash Street Photography excites me and I want to share this excitement with you by teaching you about this style of shooting at my Flash Street Photography Workshops in Athens.

It has now been 3 years since I started shooting Flash Street Photography and to my surprise I have found out that most people don’t really care about the flash. Some even give me the feeling that they don’t have any problem at all with Flash Street Photography. I think the reason for this is the upfront style of a flash shot that makes it a more sincere action that let’s say when one is lurking in the shadows capturing sly shots and I think that is how people see it. What I mean is there is nothing sneaky about a flash shot. It is brutally honest. There is no doubt about what the street photographer is doing. This gives me even more incentive to keep on trying this style of street photography and now I feel that I know enough to share my experiences with you.