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Digby Fullam is a photographer with a passion for photojournalism and narrative documentary photography. He finds street photography to be an excellent storytelling medium. He is the newest addition of the team. If you would like to see his work you can also visit his Street Hunters Profile.

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Inside Digby Fullam’s Camera bag

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Inside Digby Fullam’s Camera bag! (Bag No120)

Hi Street Hunters!

You may well remember back almost 2 years ago when I first shared the contents of my camera bag with you all. Quite a lot has changed since then, as I’ve moved away from using a full frame Canon 6D DSLR for street photography to a mirrorless camera, which has meant that my setup has gotten a lot smaller in the process. As we’ve had a little lull in our camera bag submissions of late, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share one of my updated camera bag setups with you all, in the hope that some of you who have already sent in your camera bags might resubmit if your camera gear setup has changed like mine has! This particular photo of my gear shows what I’d call my ultra-portable Street Hunt bag setup, and it’s a collection of all the equipment (including an action cam) that I need for shooting one of the street hunt videos you see on our YouTube channel. It can take hours and hours (and lots of miles of walking) to record a street hunt video, so I adhere to a strictly minimalist and ‘essentials’-only mantra to fit everything I need for a photo walk inside my Street Hunters Cosyspeed Camslinger Streetomatic camera bag. This light portability is huge departure for me from my previous massive Lowepro Messenger bag that held a DSLR rig and several lenses, but my newer lightweight bag setup includes everything I really need for a good street hunt, including my flash and triggers for off-camera flash street photography!

My Street Hunters Cosyspeed Camslinger Streetomatic contains:

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Hip & LCD Shooting for Street Photography Cover

It’s a slightly controversial approach, and one that will have some purists up in arms, but I think hip shooting has an important role to play in street photography when deployed as part of your wider street photography shooting technique arsenal. With that mind, I thought I’d put together a short little of my top tips for the best results using the hip shot technique for street photography, plus an extra tidbit of advice that will come in handy for hip-level LCD shooting too. So dive into our guide to hip shooting in street photography and head on out to the streets! And if you want to see some examples of the hip shot street photography technique in action, don’t forget to check out a video of Spyros Papaspyropoulos on the streets of Rethymno, Crete in our Street Talk Episode 6 – The Hip Shot Technique in Street Photography.

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Crit My Pic Wilson Square by Nathanael Fournier

For our crit my pic feature this week we’re going to be looking at an analogue film street photo that was shot by Nathanaël Fournier. The photo is titled ‘Wilson Square’ and is part of his “Everyday’s Life Value” series. As usual for this feature, I’ll be analysing this photo across the criteria of point of view, focal point, composition, exposure, subject matter, and mood. I still have quite a backlog of photos to be working through, so, I’m going to ask that you don’t send in any new photos for the time being until I’ve had a chance to catch up a little. That concludes our introduction, so now we can get into the really meaty stuff – the crit of ‘Wilson Square’ by Nathanaël Fournier!

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Ultimate Street Photography Hacks Cover

In our combined years of experience out shooting on the streets, the team have picked up a thing or two. The more you practice your street photography, the more little tips and tricks you learn along the way. Things that might not seem obvious at first (or inversely, are blindingly obvious when you think about it), but that actually make a real improvement to your street photography experience. We’ve pooled our knowledge together to come up with a list for you, so strap yourselves in for the Street Hunters Ultimate Street Photography Hacks!

**Update!: This list has been updated with a couple of new hacks inspired by your suggestions, thank you!!**

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Crit My Pic 'Boardwalk Biker' by Michael Schmitt

After an unexpected break, Crit My Pic has returned! The street photo we are going to be analysing this week has been submitted by Michael Schmitt and it is titled ‘Boardwalk Biker’. If you need reminding of the criteria we use to analyse each photo, they are point of view, focal point, composition, exposure, subject matter, and mood. As we have a large collection of photos to analyse, for the time being at least we won’t ask you to send us in any more photos for Crit My Pic. Now it’s time to get into the analysis of the ‘Boardwalk Biker’ by Michael Schmitt.

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Street Photography Cloudy Weather Bad Light Cover

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone. As a street photographer from the UK I should be pretty familiar with my country’s glorious weather. But I must confess that the sight of a leaden grey cloud-filled sky still fills me with dread. And even more so if I’ve got my camera in hand. As someone who’s fallen in love with the magic potential of powerful natural light my shoulders drop when it’s cloudy, and I lose my mojo. But I’ve resolved to do better, as I can’t forsake all the photo opportunities out there just because the weather is pants. And living in the UK, with our miserable weather, I can’t afford to either, as I can’t expect all that much sun year round here. So, if you’d like to join me on my quest to better my street photography when the clouds come rolling in, read on for my top tips for street photography in cloudy weather and flat light. And, if you’re a really hardy soul who’s not in the mood to let a spot of rain dampen your spirits, don’t forget to check out my tips for street photography in rain and bad weather too.

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10 Reasons I Love Street Photography Digby cover

I have been dreading this day. You have probably noticed that we three Streethunters editors take it in turns to write a ‘big’ article every week. We call them feature posts, and it’s a chance for us to wax lyrical about anything street photography we like. Andrew will often put out an awesome book review or a comprehensive under the influence analysis of some cracking street photographer, and Spyros will review some street photography gear, launch a new street hunt video, or debrief about the latest street photography jaunt he’s been on. Well, this week was my turn, and I had nothing. Zilch. Nada. I was utterly bereft of ideas of what to write about. I’ve had some things going on over the last few weeks which has meant that street photography has had to take a bit of a back seat. Without being able to get out and about with my camera I’ve been a bit stuck for inspiration. So I started to look through some of the old articles on the website. And I hit a goldmine. Both Andrew and Spyros have picked the 10 reasons why they love street photography, but since I’ve joined the team I haven’t got round to it. And what better way to rekindle my passion and get myself back in the groove than remind myself why street photography is so awesome in the first place? So, strap in for the 10 reasons why I love street photography!

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Using a 35mm Lens for Street Photography Cover


We all like to chop and change our lens selections from time to time. One of the things I have discovered as I have practiced street photography more and more is that a prime lens is perfect for street photography. There are several reasons for this, but that’s a story for another time. But once you’ve decided that you prefer prime lenses over zoom lenses for street photography a problem presents itself. Which focal length should you choose? After all, you can’t simply switch focal lengths as you would with a zoom lens. You may remember a while back I wrote about my experiences using a 50mm lens for street photography. I’ve also talked about why I currently feel that the 28mm is the perfect street photography lens. This time round I’ve decided to focus on the photojournalist’s holy grail – the 35mm lens. So read on for my pros and cons of using a 35mm lens for street photography!

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streethunters local guide cover

Recently Gaël Berthon, a street photographer who’s had his work featured in our Street Photo of the Week series, contacted us with an awesome suggestion. Why don’t we create a list of street photographer local guides and fixers who can help out travelling street photographers who are visiting their cities? We thought it was a great idea, and when we asked you what you thought about it on our Facebook Group, you all agreed too. So, now we’re launching the Streethunters Local Guide programme, and we need your help!

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Action Cam Street Photography Cover

Street Photography with the Sony HDR-AS20 Action Cam

Recently I decided to try something alternative with my street photography. I’m finding that the more different cameras I shoot with, the more I learn about photography and the more I broaden my skills and experience. So far my street photography has been focused on shooting with dedicated cameras – namely DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. I haven’t yet tried my hand at street photography with a smartphone, although I intend to.

Action Cam Street Photography 1

Those of you who are familiar with our street hunt videos will be aware that we shoot our videos by mounting ‘action cams’ in a rig on the hotshoes of our cameras. The weapon of choice for both Spyros Papaspyropoulos and myself is two variants of the Sony HDR-AS Action Cam. This is essentially Sony’s rival to the GoPro. They offer 1080p HD video as well as absolutely essential (for our videos) image stabilisation. I used the Sony a couple of times for still photos on the beach and in the pool, and I was pretty impressed with the image quality from the 11.9MP Exmor sensor, as well as the effects from the super wide angle lens. I decided that this, combined with the action cam’s tiny size, might make for an interesting combination on the streets. So I tried using the Sony HDR-AS20 action cam for street photography. Here’s what I learned: